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The Future Structure of the Third Age Trust - A Members Consultation
In 2016, Pam Jones, Chairman of the Trust, began a Consultation Process (CP), on the future structure of the Third Age Trust, in a series of articles.

The Consultation process is underway and currently 470 members, represented by 280 U3As, have attended meetings and a record made of the views they expressed.

After a presentation at the Plenary Session of the AGM in August 2016, members with an interest in making proposals for the future structure of the Trust were encouraged to ask for a meeting with a member of the Working Group to make their views known.

Some twenty five members responded to Pam’s request for views on the Structure of the Trust. They were invited to formalise their proposals and to present a summary at a meeting on 2 November. Those attending then participated in a general discussion.

Twenty five requests were made by Networks and groups of U3As to meet with the working Group and by Friday 10 February, nineteen consultative meetings had been held in locations across the country, including input from Trustees at the February NEC meeting. 470 members represented by 280 U3As have attended meetings and a record made of the views they expressed.

By 27 February, the remaining meetings will have been held and the Working Group will meet again with those who attended on 2 November to let them know the outcome of the consultation meetings. They will then be invited to put forward any further views in a general discussion.

The Working Party will then consider and analyse all the proposals received which will be incorporated in a presentation to the NEC in March.

• If only ‘minor’ structural changes are proposed, constitutional amendments may be submitted to 2017 AGM
• If ‘major’ structural changes are proposed, these will be debated at 2017 AGM. If there is consensus, constitutional proposals will be submitted to 2018 AGM

Michaela Moody, Ian McCannah, Graham Clarke

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