u3a - u3a Chief Exec Sam Mauger in Media Discussing Ageist Language

u3a Chief Exec has been in the media today talking about research we carried out about language used towards older adults.

Following a survey completed by over 2,000 u3a members and the general public, Sam Mauger, CEO of The Third Age Trust, has been talking about the effect that language about age can have.
People submitted the most demeaning terms they have had directed at them, revealing that sayings like ‘old dear’, ‘codger’ and ‘fogey’ are still used to this day.

Two in five (43 per cent) have been on the receiving end of patronising language in relation to their age and a quarter (28 per cent) say certain terms used about them are outdated.

Almost two in five (37 per cent) have been addressed with names they say are ageist.

As well as from the general public (63%), respondents to the survey say these terms are commonplace in TV programmes (65%), social media (33%) and are even used regularly by members of their family (21%).

Sam Mauger said, ‘“Our members are vibrant, young at heart and have much to offer. They are not the stereotypes represented by these words.

We want to challenge the preconceptions around ageing. Our members want to achieve in life, be active and keep experiencing new things".

This is just the beginning of a larger project in which we combat some misconceptions about ageing.
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