u3a - Water Drop Photos Gain National Recognition

The work of Launceston U3A’s, Hugh Letheren, has been recognised in a national photography magazine.

Hugh, who is a secretary of the Camera Club and leads the Digital Photography group at Launceston U3A in Cornwall, is perfecting the technique of freezing and capturing the moment a water drop falls.

Hugh, a retired electronics engineer, took up photography as a hobby and was recently recognised for his work in PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine.

Hugh said, “Capturing the moment that a droplet of water falls onto a surface and then creating an image of that collision is both technical and very artistic.

“Technology means it is now possible to recreate these collisions with some precision but with enough variables that there is still an element of chance. That leads to lots of fun, if you have the patience.

“I’m delighted that my photos were recognised. This art form has a small but dedicated army of followers who work to advance the techniques."

To quote the comment on Hugh’s article in the magazine: 'To call it simply ‘water drop photography’ does Hugh’s work a disservice – these are true works of creative art. The skill and precision required to set up these shots, let alone shoot them, is impressive; being able to devise a home-made laser rig is a level of commitment we’re quite envious of! Beyond their technical acumen these shots are dripping with style and creativity and should inspire anybody looking to experiment with this form of photography'. (Used by permission: PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine)

You can see more at http://hugh.letheren.org/

For details on Launceston U3A https://u3asites.org.uk/launceston/welcome