u3a - Support for u3as

As a member of a u3a, we are here to make sure you have access to the best support guidance, and advice to help you run your u3a, lead your interest groups and connect with each other.

Membership of u3a includes:

  • Exclusive access to our advice area where you can find guidance on running a u3a
  • Opportunity to book on to online tutorials
  • Up to date guidance on succession planning for your committees
  • u3a Looking Forward – support including technology, hybrid meeting and covid guidance.

Support for u3as

How to guides

Here you will find links to guides to tools that will help you stay in touch and connected with your friends, family and u3a. Some we have written in house and some are links to external articles that can help.

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Beacon is a management system designed by u3as, for u3as. It provides a simple interface for managing members, groups and finances. Beacon is available to all u3as in the UK that wish to take advantage of it.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion guidance will help, support and advise u3as to ensure that all our members can access our learning and activities.

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u3a Sitebuilder is a simple tool for creating a public website, at no cost, for your u3a.

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Running your U3A: Covid and Beyond

It is a variety of guides, links, tutorials, support forums, all related to using technology in u3as. There will be a steady flow of new content coming to this area to support u3as.

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Brand Centre

You will be able to find our branded material, publicity and merchandise in our new brand centre soon.

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Support for the Regions

The u3a movement is made up of 12 regions including the three devolved regions across the UK. Some of our members volunteer as Regional Trustees who are elected from the regions and work to support the u3as in their regions.

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