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More fantastic photos are coming in from U3A members who are helping keep track of our garden birds.

BirdTrack, a free online tool to record your own bird sightings and keep up to date with trends.
Provided by the British Trust for Ornithology, BirdTrack is for observers to manage their own personal records and contribute data to BTO science; supporting species conservation on local, regional, national and international scales.


This has been a great opportunity for you to share your photographs you have managed to take of your feathered visitors.

Thank you for all your beautiful photos - especially to Carolyn Clarke - Haxby & Wigginton U3A and Denham Mather - Edinburgh U3A (birds inset below) and Geoff Rands - Maidstone U3A - main picture - pigeons.

We will publish a selection of these sightings and photos on our website so please keep sending in your photos - fill in our online form to record them.

You can find out more from Mary Gibbons our Birdwatching subject adviserfor the U3A movement, Mary has a lot of information on her Subject Adviser page to help with this and can help with any individual enquiries.

Look out for more bird pictures on our twitter accounts @U3A_UK  @MagU3a