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Members are embracing our two initiatives, U3A Eye and BirdWatch, with creative and fun photos being submitted to both.

U3A Eye is a photography challenge with a different theme each fortnight, encouraging U3A members to use their creativity. 

The current theme is ‘3’, inspiring this photo of two pigeons and a blackbird submitted by Mike from Aughton & Ormskirk U3A.

Like submissions for our last theme, Yellow, Mike’s photo demonstrates how the challenge is encouraging U3A members to look at the ‘everyday’ a bit differently.  Go to this page to submit your photos.

People who love Mike’s photo, but who aren’t keen photographers, might be interested in ‘BirdTrack.’ This scheme is provided by the British Trust of Ornithology and is a project in which participants take note of the species of birds they see in order to help BTO analyse migration movements and distributions of birds across Britain and Ireland. 

U3A members involved in this have already been sending incredible photos of the birds in their garden and we would love to see yours too. Read more about Birdtrack.