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Welcome to Netfest week 14th - 18th June 2021

NetFest 2021 is a week of events selected and designed with the theme of ‘Celebrating, Connecting, Communicating’. Along side sessions filled with useful information this will provide an opportunity for networks to come together to discuss issues, exchange ideas and share solutions. If you are interested please contact your network representative.

Mon 14th June  Tues 15th June  Wed 16th June  Thur 17th June  Frid 16th June


Presenter: Hilary Jones

"What Networks Do"




Presenter: Sam Mauger

"Networks, Constitutions

and Licence AGreements 

Made Simple"


Presenter: Derek Harwood

"Peer Support Networks"




Presenter Derek Harwood

"Slow Ways Project"



 10.00 - 12.00

Presenter: Margaret Fiddes

"PR Introduction for




 13.30- 15.30

Presenter: Liz Thackray

"Alternative ways of running

meetings - Hybrids and

other options"


Presenter: Liz Drury

"Network Communication



 13.30- 14.20

Presenters: John Bent and

Julie Travers

"Click and Save Scheme"



Presenter: Avis Furness

"Successful Networks'




Presenter: Alan Walmsley

"TGIF (Thank Goodness it's



 Details of each presentation and link to registration form:-


What Networks Do: This session will explore the benefits of belonging to a network - Hilary Jones discusses the variety of networks, what they do and the key advantages of u3as coming together. We will hear from a variety of networks how they help and support each other with shared events and learning activities. Ian McCannah will talk about the future of networks within our organisation and there will be time to swap ideas with each other in breakout rooms.

Alternative ways of running meetings – hybrid and other methods: Liz Thackray discusses different types of meetings, different purposes and context and the practical requirements for hosting small, medium or large hybrid meetings.

Tuesday 15th June

Networks, constitutions and Licence Agreements Made Simple: Sam Mauger presents - A short session explaining the purpose and practice of Network organisational documentation with the Trust.

Network Communication Challenges: Liz Drury leads a discussion on successful communications in Networks - what are the challenges? what has been successful? Examples of inspirational websites and effective group mass emails.

Wednesday 16th June

Peer Support Networks: Derek Harwood discusses What are Peer Support Groups (PSGs)? Does your Region or Network support them? How might you join one and what is the purpose of PSGs? As a committee member or holding a specific role in your u3a why might you stand to gain the most from being a part of a peer support group? Join us to discuss the answers to these questions and share experiences about this effective support tool for members.

Click and Save Scheme: Julie Travers and John Bent present an overview of this scheme and take questions. The u3a Click and Save is a scheme which offers a rebate for u3a members when shopping with selected retailers. Members who register could see annual savings on a range of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and services including big brands such as Sainsbury's, M&S and Costa Coffee.

Thursday 17th June

Slow-Ways Project: Derek Harwood introduces the Slow Ways initiative to create a national network of walking routes connecting all of Great Britain’s towns and cities as well as thousands of villages. Using existing paths, ways, trails and roads, people can use Slow Ways routes to walk between neighbouring settlements and combine them to create longer distance trips. There are over 7,000 Slow Ways stretching for over 100,000km which need to be 'reviewed' and 'surveyed' and this is where u3as can play a part. Come and find out more about this national initiative.

Successful Networks: Avis Furness presents on Successful Networks - Given that u3a Networks come in all shapes and sizes, how can we measure “success”? We will look at the experiences of different networks, large and small, discover how they have achieved their aims, how they have coped with the past year, and discuss new ideas for the future.

Friday 18th June

PR Introduction for Networks: Margaret Fiddes will be addressing the question - So what is PR and how can I make the best of it? This session will cover an introduction to the tools at your disposal and ways to get your message heard.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday: Allan will host a session looking back at the highlights of the week in a light-hearted manner. What worked well and what could we have done better? How can apathy and reluctance be overcome and how can networks put some of these ideas into practice? So grab a coffee and join in the debate