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u3a turns 40 years old in 2022 and is 'fit for the future!' We will be celebrating this milestone with a packed programme of events running all year. u3as and members will have the opportunity to get involved in the celebrations and help raise the profile of our wonderful and vibrant organisation. A full programme will be available soon but please find a taster below of what's coming up.

This page will be regularly updated with new information and articles about the u3a 40th Anniversary so please check back soon. If you want to get involved now you can sign up for our newsletter to make sure you get all the latest information on events and celebrations.

Join in to celebrate this milestone and learn, laugh, and live!


40th Anniversary Events Programme - A Taster

Anniversary Quilt Competition

The 40th Anniversary quilt competition was launched for members to create blocks for a quilt on the topic of Positive Ageing. The Anniversary Quilt competition has been judged and 40 squares on the topic of Positive Ageing have been selected for the quilt which we hope will be revealed on as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend. We plan an alert in the second half of May to advise members of dates and times and anticipate that the quilt can then be displayed in a number of locations in the UK.

Picnic in the Park | June 2022

Over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, u3as are encouraged to hold picnics to celebrate not just the Queen’s Jubilee and the Green Canopy but also our 40th Anniversary. We hope to make a splash with the reveal of the Anniversary Quilt at this time.  

U3a Science Network webinar | July 2022

The u3a Science Network will host an anniversary meeting, Futures, Foresight and Horizon scanning, in July which we hope will be open to the public as well as to u3a members. There are plans to attract an eminent scientist to open the July science network meeting. Two additional meetings for u3a members will be held during 2022, in April and October.

Conference on Research and Shared Learning | July/August 2022

Conference featuring a wide range of topics and sessions about u3a Research and Shared Learning. A planning meeting in January will decide on the projects to be included and we are seeking a significant scientist to open the meeting.

One Foot in the Future | September /October 2022

The aim of this project is to engage older people from across the UK in telling real or imagined stories about older people taking positive steps to make a better future for themselves and others.

Themes are all about Reimagining the Future in Older Age, raising awareness of the u3a movement as well as the fun you can have as you get older.

A week-long celebration of u3a | September 2022

Hundreds of members took part last year in the first ever u3a Day - an annual event showcasing the activity, learning and fun which takes place across the movement every day.

u3a members wanted to extend this annual event and showcase positive ageing over a whole week. This September - come and join us as across the UK, as members hold events and demonstrate just what u3a is all about. u3a Week will showcase members' lived experience of what it means to have a good later life.

In 2022, our 40th anniversary, our u3a Week will take place between 17 and 26 September.

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40th Anniversary Blog

A fabric square which shows a building with triangular blue and white pieces representing the sky and two hands meeting together in a handshake in the foreground of the picture

By Michaela Moody, Co-ordinator of the 40th Anniversary               The 40 quilt blocks received from competition winners and are now on their way to...

To kick off the celebration for the u3a 40th anniversary in 2022, we launched a u3a-wide Anniversary Quilt competition on the theme of Positive Ageing through our strapline Learn Laugh...

In 2022, u3a will be celebrating its 40th anniversary and on u3a Day 2022, all u3as will be encouraged to celebrate the national anniversary in their own inimitable fashion. In addition, we hope...