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AGM 2020 V3


The 37th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Third Age Trust will be be held online only on 29th September and all U3A members will be welcome to attend.

There will be opportunities for voting representatives to ask questions and make comments as normal during the AGM, via a textbox.

Details on access to the meeting will follow in due course. It will be accessible from a website or an app on a phone or tablet.

Communications relating to AGM 2020

AGM 20 05 - Director Election voting opens (4th August 2020)

AGM 20 04 - Final resolution list and window for amendments (15th July 2020)

AGM 20 03 - Reminder for nominations and resolutions (7th July 2020)

AGM 20 02 - Board proposal for the 2020 AGM (18th June 2020)

AGM 20 01 - Notification of new virtual AGM date, resolution and nomination information (16th June 2020)


The window for submitting resolutions is now closed. The closing date for proposing or seconding any amendments to the submitted resolutions (mailing AGM 20 04 above) is 14th August 2020.

Officer Elections

There are no officer posts available for nomination this year.

Director Elections

A Regional Trustee is a member elected by a region to the Board of the Third Age Trust. The Regional Trustee brings expertise and knowledge from their region to assist in their role as a director of a national charity. Regional Trustees promote the ethos, principles and benefits of affiliation to the Trust. They represent the Trust and its views to any regional organisation, all networks and all member U3As and ensure that the views, activities and achievements of the networks and U3As are presented to the Board.

Directors from the following regions/countries will have completed their initial three-year term. This will result in a vacancy for election from the region/country. As well as other nominees, incumbent directors are eligible to be nominated from the relevant region/country for re-election for a maximum of two further terms, each of one year only.

The closing date for nominations has now passed (31st July 2020). The number of candidates we have had nominated for each region is shown below. To view the candidates standing for election visit the 2020 Director Elections page. Voting information has been sent to U3As and is available in communication 'AGM 20 05' above.

  • East of England - one candidate
  • London - one candidate
  • North West - one candidate
  • South East - two candidates
  • South West - one candidate
  • West Midlands - one candidate
  • Yorkshire & The Humber - one candidate