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Since launching in 2013, Digital Eagles has trained more than 14,000 current and former Barclays colleagues who are passionate about empowering customers, colleagues and local communities to be more confident with technology and to move forward in the digital world. From online safety for children to Tea and Teach sessions and the Digital Wings online learning platform, everything they do is designed to build digital confidence. In 2019, the Digital Eagles helped 113,000 people across the UK at Tea and Teach events.

One beneficiary's story of taking part in this programme may inspire you to join in and learn more Pauline's Story

In partnership with the Digital Eagles team, the Trust we will be delivering programmes to boost u3a members’ confidence online.

The first sessions for u3a members commence the week starting 19th April. The programme includes the following topics and you can join one or all of them as you require. All session are free and run specifically for u3a members. There is a maximum of 50 attendees per session but we can reschedule further sessions as demand dictates.

Internet Basics 

Monday 19th April 10:00-11:30

This session has been designed to cover some internet basics: Broadband, browsers and search engines, top tips for searching for something on the internet, setting up an email, connecting to a Zoom call, connecting to the internet (iOS and Android), (we also have content which covers different versions of windows for laptops if required)

Digital Safety

Tuesday 20th April 10:00-11:30 or

Tuesday 20th April 13:30-15:00

How to stay safe while using your digital devices. This includes identifying common fraud and scams, making sure your passwords are strong enough, what to look out for and understanding how you can protect yourself.

Entertainment online

Wednesday 21st April 10:00-11:30

An engaging session focusing on how to maximise the potential of using your digital device to keep you entertained. From downloading apps, to virtual tours and social media, finding more ways to bring some entertainment into your home.

Alternative Ways to Bank

Thursday 22nd April 10:00-11:30 or

Thursday 22nd April 13:30-15:00

The current climate may have led you to look at different ways to do your banking. You have the option to bank in a style and at a time to suit you, with services available to customer 24/7. This session provides an overview of what other options are available

An Introduction to Digital Wings

Friday 23rd April 10:00-11:30

For those who are looking to improve their digital skills further, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced this session will introduce you to our free learning platform Digital Wings. We will give you a tour and show you some ways to get the best from the site so you can continue your learning at the right time and pace to suit you.