u3a - u3as get planting for spring

Holmes Chapel & District u3a have planted a tree as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations. This celebration has included collaborating with their local radio for a week long schedule of u3a content. The used the tree planting to further publicise the u3a movement, sharing the photo and story with the local press. 

Several other u3as have been using Spring as an opportunity to get planting in their local community, spreading the u3a message whilst doing so. Ards Peninsula & District u3a have been looking after a planter in their local town in Donaghee and have given it a makeover for spring.

Similarly, Stourbridge u3a have been looking after a planter in Stourbridge for two years - and the year they first took over, Stourbridge was awarded Gold in the Heart of England in Bloom. Read the full story on Sources.

What has your u3a been up to in your local community? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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