u3a - Celebrating u3a creative writing talent

Several people meeting virtually

u3a members celebrated the breadth of creative writing talent in the u3a movement at the awards ceremony for this year's u3a creative writing competition.

The u3a creative writing competition 2021 announced its winners at a virtual Zoom ceremony attended by members from across the movement. The winners, chosen from 382 entries, read out their stories at the event. It followed on from the widely successful first national u3a creative writing competition in 2020.

Alysoun Owen, editor of the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook published by Bloomsbury and one of the judges for this year's competition, says, "I think this competition is a great testament to u3a and also to the amazing talent within u3a writing groups."

Lynne, from Crediton u3a in the South West region was announced as the overall winner with her story “Road to Lille”. Second place goes to Jane from Peterborough u3a in the East of England with her story “A cup of tea and a kind word” and Karen from Bognor Regis u3a in the South East came in third place with “Trial and Error”.

The competition was evidence of how much incredible talent there is within the u3a community. The winning stories were picked by a panel of Alysoun Owen, editor of the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, published by Bloomsbury; Chris, Chair of the Learning Committee from 2018-2021, Hilary, Vice Chair from 20-18-2021 and Marcia, the u3a Subject Adviser for Creative Writing.

Read all the stories from the winners now.

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