u3a - u3a member follows journey of iconic Victorian journalist

Islington u3a member Rosemary followed in the footsteps of Victorian explorer, Nellie Bly, by going around the world in under 80 days.

She copied Nellie Bly's journey, visiting the places that she visited over 100 years earlier. She says, "I wanted to promote women explorers."

She shares this in the September episode of the u3a radio podcast, which also includes an interview with newly appointed Third Age Trust Chair Liz Thackray, music-loving u3a member Lee and other fascinating u3a members.

The u3a radio podcast has been running since September 2020 and is back this month after a summer break. It is created by u3a members with experience in radio who use the podcast as a way to explore different elements of the u3a movement.

Hear the full story in the September episode of the u3a radio podcast, out today. 

The u3a radio podcast comes out at 6am on the 17th of each month. Listen to the full series on our YouTube channel.