u3a - A bold new strategy

u3a is embarking on an ambitious consultation with members to shape its strategy and direction for the future.

Launched on International Day of Older Persons (Oct 1) nearly 450,000 u3a members across the UK will be asked to share their thoughts and ideas on what will be the priorities for the movement in the coming years.

“We are in the early stages of developing a strategy to guide the future work and priorities of the movement” said Liz Thackray, Chair of the Third Age Trust which supports the u3a movement.

“u3a members are vibrant and energetic people who want to make a contribution. This is an opportunity for us to put their voices at the heart of creating a relevant and bold strategy – created by the members for the members."

If you are not yet a u3a member, join our community by finding your local u3a.

Read more about the u3a vision and strategy on our About Us page.

Feed into our strategy by taking the survey.