u3a - National Tree Week

u3a members are sharing the ways they connect with nature for National Tree Week, 27 November - 5 December.

National Tree Week is a week designated by the Tree Council to celebrate trees and encourage planting. On our platforms, we're sharing the ways that members connect with trees - from groups who meet together to identify and sketch trees, to projects assessing canopy patterns, to members creating art from nature.

The first blog post for National Trees Week is an interview with the u3a Subject Adviser for Wellbeing with Nature in which she shares tips on how members could celebrate National Tree Week. Read it on our Sources blog now. 

Follow our social media for more updates throughout the week - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

We want to know if your u3a is celebrating National Trees Week in any way or has any ongoing projects that engage with trees. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We've recently launched our u3a wood, which members can donate to as part of our 40th anniversary. Read more about the project and support it now.

Photo by Susan, Wellbeing with Nature Subject Adviser.