u3a - Aren't you too old to be listening to that?

Our recent surveys into music and ageism revealed over half of the public think music tastes should reflect people's age, whilst the majority of u3a members feel that age is not a factor in the music they love.

 87% of u3a members surveyed felt that age had no impact on their music taste - but one in 10 members had felt patronized for listening to younger artists. One member said, "Some have looked at me in shock as I sung a bit of Grime" whilst another member shared that they receive comments such as "Aren’t you too old to be listening to that?" This tied in with a survey of the general population, which found that 54% felt you could be 'too old' for certain music.
 Despite this, the surveys also found that music was a way for generations to connect with each other. 77% of members believe music can provide a way to bond with younger generations whilst 35% of the public say they chat to their parents about music. 
 Sam Mauger, CEO of The Third Age Trust, says, “It’s been fascinating to look at these perceived differences when it comes to music and equally intriguing to find out that, broadly speaking, we’re more alike than we think.
“Music is a great way to bring people together. Rather than focussing on differences and belittling other people’s tastes, we’d encourage everyone to embrace other’s love for music and use it as a chance to connect, whether their favourite artist is Sting or Stormzy.”
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