u3a - Anti-Ageism Toolkit Findings

A recent survey into how members used the Anti-Ageism toolkit revealed that members felt encouraged to take action against ageism as a result.

54% of the members surveyed had read the toolkit and 9% had taken some action as a result. Of those who had read the toolkit two thirds said that they understood more about ageism and how to tackle it. One in five of those who read the toolkit said that they have challenged ageism in conversations, and a further 50% said they plan or may take this action in future. 

u3a members also made suggestions for other actions that could be taken such as being a role model to others, being open-minded and kind and promoting acceptance, doing some self-reflection and checking in on your own internally and externally directed ageism, holding workshops, addressing intergenerational issues and raising awareness that ageism goes both ways.

The Anti-Ageism Toolkit was created with the Centre for Ageing Better and launched on 2 June 2021. It is part of ongoing work u3a is doing to challenge ageist assumptions.

 View the toolkit and keep up to date on our work to challenge ageism on Our Impact page.

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