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u3a gives members local and national opportunities to learn a wide range of things at low cost. You can share your skills with others, take up something new and develop your interests in a friendly atmosphere.
Over 40,000 u3a interest groups meet in the UK every week, face to face and more recently, online.

The choice is endless, and reflects local interests: from cookery to creative writing, philosophy to films, maths to mindfulness. The decisions about what to do are made by local members.

To take advantage of everything u3a offers you'll need to join as a member with a group near you or our online group, Trust u3a. It's cheap and easy to join; you can find out more on our join us page.

 Resources and support for learning

National programmes

Our learning pages are packed with projects to get involved with, whichever u3a you are a member of – maths challenges, creative writing, photography and quizzes, to name a just a few.

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u3a Radio Podcast

u3a Radio Podcast - join our talented team of volunteer members with radio experience as they talk to different people in the movement and share stories, news and features.

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Subject Advice

Information and guidance from volunteers on setting up and running interest
groups in a range of topic areas.

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Learning News

Find out about what our members are up to by reading our latest learning news. Whether it's announcing the winners of our latest competition or just highlighting the activites of one of our groups, there's always something going on!

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Online Learning Events

We offer a number of free workshops, webinars and interactive sessions delivered by members for members. There's a huge variety on offer and they are run entirely online, usually via Zoom.

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Research and Shared Learning

The u3a Research Network brings together u3a volunteers, advice and various resources to support a wide range of research/enquiry-led learning throughout the u3a. This includes ‘shared learning projects’.

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