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Is there a hidden treasure in your neighbourhood? Something which is probably not in any guide book, if there is one, but that you find interesting and worth a look, and others might too? Something that other members in your local area might like to go and visit when we are able to go out and about again?

We are looking for your descriptions (in 80 words or less), and your pictures wherever possible, of the places of interest and the landmarks local to you. Please submit your local finds here and we will make as many as possible available on this webpage.

We will publish the contributions by region so that other members in each area can explore and enjoy these when they get the chance. Happy exploring!

To get you started, Alison May, Head of Member Services at u3a office, has submitted the below image and words on Clapham Grand:

Clapham Grand

Clapham Grand is a huge, listed building by Clapham Junction station which has hosted over a century of music and general partying.  Apparently, it has launched the careers of several music greats, but is currently a nightclub. There is a full history here. The doors are shut at the moment, but hopefully will re-open in June!

One of our early entries

Mike Morris, Aintree u3a

Mike Morris, Aintree u3a

Last year, whilst walking with u3a friends in the Netherton/Sefton area, Mike came across a stone edifice (which was subsequently identified as a previously unknown medieval wayside cross) in the middle of a footpath just south of Broom's Cross Road (the relatively new A5758 highway which links the M57 and M58 motorways via "Switch Island" to the A565 at Thornton). Mike has submitted an application to English Heritage for Netherton Brook Cross to be listed as a scheduled monument.