u3a - Climate Change

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The topic of Climate Change has been much talked about in the media for many years. Now it has become a reality.

If you are thinking about setting up a Climate Change related group please send me a message and I will try and assist you. Please include a contact phone number.

A website for a U3A Climate Change Network has been published. This is being regularly updated with links to all existing groups in the UK. Your group may have a different title but if it is related to Climate Change please do get in touch, if you have not already done so.

Climate Change Network

Upcoming Event - Climate Change Surgery

Are you already in a Climate Change Group or are you thinking of starting one in your u3a? If so, then sign up for the Subject Surgery on Wednesday 16th February starting at 10 am.

This will be an opportunity to hear what some other groups are doing, ask questions and share your ideas. There will also be breakout rooms so that you can meet some others in small groups.

Sign via the u3a Online Events page

Frances Halliday