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New Target for u3a Woodland

The u3a 40th Anniversary Woodland is commited to planting 10,000 trees  by the end of 2022

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The Positive Impact of u3a

Members share their u3a stories

In the first in our new series of short films, Geoffrey from Upholland u3a shares how his u3a music group resparked his love for guitar

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Former Professional cartoonist Mike Watson has used his artistic skills to capture a taste of the activities taking place at the U3A where he is a member.

Mike, now in his 80s is currently Vice Chairman of Lyndhurst & District U3A in Hampshire, having been chairman previously.

Mike says, “Having left the army in 1961 I joined Phillips – a Dutch electronics company as a Technical Author and Illustrator. During the following 30 years, my spare time was taken up as a freelance cartoonist. I was published in various magazines and newspapers around the world and in publications such as Punch.

“I began to work as a self-taught wildlife artist, making hand carved and painted life-like studies of British birds which I still love doing today – exhibiting in galleries and large agricultural and county shows.

“When Lyndhurst & District U3A launched in 2014 and I became the Chairman, it rekindled my enjoyment of cartooning, taking my inspiration from the wide range of Interest Group activities including the Creative Writing group which I am part of”.

You can find more about Lyndhurst and District U3A https://u3asites.org.uk/lyndhurst/home

Are there any more U3A cartoonists and illustrators out there? We’d love to hear from you – you can submit an article at www.sources.u3a.org.uk

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