u3a - A focus on Beacon Volunteers

Following Volunteers Week, we are highlighting our U3A member volunteers in the Beacon Team and the work they do to deliver the Beacon service to U3As.

Beacon is a U3A management system designed by U3A members for U3As. Beacon enables U3A administrators to manage their membership, groups and finance through a simple yet functional interface.

Over 400 U3As now choose Beacon for their administration, and between them they have a quarter of a million members. They are supported by a dedicated team of U3A volunteers, the Beacon Team, based all across the UK.

Beacon Team members have a variety of roles and responsibilities, and all their work supports U3As and their use of Beacon.

Since the lockdown began, we've heard several stories from U3As who've found Beacon to be a vital way of keeping in touch with their members.

Beth, secretary of Up Holland and District U3A, said, 'Beacon proved to be an invaluable tool in organising our forthcoming AGM. In addition to sending out agenda papers and voting forms to over 700 members with one click, Beacon produced the letter for non-email members, and the download to generate a spreadsheet to record the votes as they were returned'.

Many Beacon Team members are also involved in the Beacon Upgrade Project, which will ensure the system is fit for purpose for U3As both now and into the future.

Beacon is a great example of the U3A ethos in action, with members helping members, learning being shared and expertise being pooled.

If you’d like to find out more about Beacon visit the Beacon website at https://beacon.u3a.org.uk or get in touch with the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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