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Are you a people watcher? Do you read newspapers and wonder why people do the things they do?  Do you sometimes wonder why you are the way you are?  If so then psychology would undoubtedly interest you as this subject is all about understanding mind and behaviour.
I have compiled two documents, ‘Psychology: Starting Up a  Group’ and ‘Using Psychology MOOCs’.  The first gives some ideas and resources and the second, also a resource, signposts members to MOOCs (Massive Open On-line Courses) which are free to use.
I have a network of psychology groups and we communicate occasionally.  If you would like to join us, please contact me.  I now contribute to the national on-line newsletter.  To receive the newsletter by email directly you will need to sign-up (see TAM) for details.
If you have any questions please do contact me on the link above.


Jane Bellworthy

Psychology Starting and rejuvenating a group v1  Psychology Starting and rejuvenating a group v1 (131.94 KB)

Using Psychology MOOCs  Using Psychology MOOCs (19.12 KB)

Sources Online article - Are You Analysing Me?


Jane Bellworthy, Subject Adviser on Psychology talks about how to set up a group on the science of mind and behaviour.