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Leigh Edwards

u3a Subject Advice Science February 2022 

I am here to help Science groups to start in U3As and to provide ideas for adding variety to their activities. I am currently the Science Group Leader for the Exeter U3A, and a regular contributor and attendee of the Science, Engineering and Technology Group of the Sidmouth U3A.

I’ve an Honours Degree in Chemistry, awarded many years ago by the Royal Institute of Chemistry. I have spent over twenty-four years as an Analytical Chemist, Laboratory Computer Scientist, and middle manager, mainly in Pharmaceuticals. I then founded and ran my own Software Company for twelve years or so; during that time, I wrote a couple of textbooks on computer programming. Throughout my early life, career, and ever since, I’ve maintained an avid interest in a wide range of sciences, including genetics, food and health, computers, cosmology, and many other subjects. I have a range of talks, on a number of subjects, that I have given, and am willing to present to interested U3A groups by mutual arrangement.

The U3A Science Network has held an annual summer meeting since 2006, details can be seen at www.u3asciencenetwork.uk  We now have over 100 members if you would like to be put on the mailing list - register here.

Joining the u3a has given me much pleasure, intellectual stimulation, and a wide circle of friends; I’m sure it will for you too, should you choose to join us.