In addition to the NRSC, the Research Network comprises a national team of Research Ambassadors and Shared Learning Project Coordinators who promote and support enquiry-led learning at region/network level.

Some U3As also have their own Research Co-ordinators who help to develop research opportunities and specific projects locally.

To contact the relevant person for your region, please click on their name below - 


 RA   SLPC   NRSC   Subject  Advisor   Country / Region  Name
 RA        East Midlands  Paul McGreavy
   SLPC      East Midlands  Mandy Topp
   SLPC      East of England  Ann Higgins
   SLPC  NRSC   Subject  Advisor  East of England  Jennifer Simpson
   SLPC      London  Peter Cox
 RA    NRSC     London  Jo Livingston
 RA    NRSC    London  Ann Salvage
   SLPC      London  Jo Walters
 RA    NRSC     London  Catherine Ware
 RA        North East  Gwen Dawe
   SLPC      North East  Jane Matheson
     NRSC (Chair)     North East  Elizabeth Porter
 RA        North West  Gillian Homan
   SLPC      North West  Maggy Simms
   SLPC      Northern Ireland  Adrianne Brown
 RA        Northern Ireland  Dierdre Kenny
   SLPC      Scotland  Peter Stanton
     NRSC   Subject  Advisor  South East  Rodney Buckland
 RA    NRSC     South East  Carole Chapman
 RA        South East  Rona Hodges
 RA        South East  Joy Lyon
 RA        South East  Jan Moreland
   SLPC      South West  Pat Fitzsimmons
   SLPC      South West  Cherrie Temple
 RA  SLPC      Wales  Sue Shannon-Jones  
 RA        West Midlands  Lynn Ashburner
 RA    NRSC     West Midlands  Alison Edwards
 RA        West Midlands  Anne Foster
 RA        West Midlands  Laurence Wale
 RA    NRSC     West Midlands  Chris Knight
 RA  SLPC  NRSC     Yorkshire & Humber   Christine Hines

RA = Research Ambassador
SLPC = Shared Learning Project Coordinator
NRSC = National Research Sub-Committee