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We are particularly blessed here in Birmingham because over 40% of the population belong to BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities resulting in a rich variety of faiths. We have been coordinating our local u3a World Faiths group for 3 years, which has involved discussions and visits to a range of faith buildings, including faith schools and community centres.

Outside of the u3a we are immersed in interfaith activities through the Birmingham Council of Faiths, of which we are 3rd Sector Liaison Officers and Jean is Secretary. We are also members of the Birmingham City Council Faiths' Round Table and we organise twice-yearly Faiths, Health and Wellbeing seminars. We have also worked with people of different faiths in other countries, particularly Papua New Guinea, Maldives, India, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda.

Please let us know if you have a local World Faiths' group and the activities you pursue. Also contact us if you need any advice on operating World Faiths' groups.

The annual National Interfaith Week, takes place ever year in november, this year the week is 14th-21st November 2021. The aims of Interfaith Week are to strengthen interfaith relations at all levels; increase awareness of the different and distinct faith communities in the UK, in particular celebrating and building on the contribution which their members make to their neighbourhoods and to wider society; and to increase understanding between people of religious and non-religious beliefs.

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Exploring world faiths  - West Midlands subject week (April 2021)

The West Mildands had their first Regional Subject Week, Exploring World Faiths, which has been a roaring success. Over 270 members joined the first session on Christianity, and the audience averaged over 200 for each of the next four days. Subjects included Islam and Christian Science, Hinduism and Buddhism, Baha’I and Sikh, and Judaism and Scientology. Dr Peter Rookes, National Subject Adviser for Exploring World Faiths, said he was delighted with the response. “This week has certainly put World Faiths on the u3a map. We looked at each faith objectively and from a historical viewpoint, without any prothletising, and members asked some really interesting and searching questions. Lots of members enquired about starting an interest group in their own u3a and we are looking at ways of supporting them.”

Please find some of the youTube links from the week are below , the Introduction to Exploring World faiths( slides) led by  Peter Rookes. 

Additional discussions for you to follow.  

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Exploring World Faiths – National Zoom Events

Thank you everyone who attended the WM Regional Week in April and the 2 follow-up events. In response to many requests there are 3 more sessions organised on Zoom as follows. There is no need to register in advance, just login on the day.

Queries to Dr Peter Rookes, National Subject Advisor, Exploring World Faiths, pjrookes@gmail,com.

Wed 8th Sept 2021 at 10:00 am

For organisers of Exploring World Faiths groups, or considering doing so

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Mon 4th Oct 2021 at 10.0 am

Presentation on the Jain Faith by Arvinder Jain

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Wed 17th Nov, 2021 at 10:00

Faiths Working Together

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You may also be interested in reading my article in the current issue of TAM (june)- there is a fuller version in the online edition of Sources. 

If you want to let me know in advance of the meeting, any particular points that you would like me to address, then please feel free to do so at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   -  Peter,  Dr. Peter Rookes, National Subject Advisor,  Exploring World Faiths.